Jubilee Gems

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Settling In

It’s important that your child feels safe, secure and happy at nursery. Prior to your childs' first day at Jubilee Gems, they will attend for a few short visits so that they become familiar with our Nursery Nurses and the environment around them.

On the first visit, you will need to stay with your child to reassure them and complete some information forms, and after this they can be left in our capable care. At each visit, the hours will be increased until your child is ready to stay for a full session. Every child is different and adapts to starting nursery in their own way. It could take a few visits or they could come running straight in! We will offer support and guidance to help make it as easy as possible for youIntroducing children to nursery school both.

If your child has a comforter, they will need to bring this with them, along with a change of clothes and nappies (if required).

We do not charge for pre-visits and if you would like to stay in our family room while your child completes their session, you are more than welcome.

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