Jubilee Gems

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Sleep & Toileting

After lunch, children will have quiet time. If they are used to having a nap, we have a cosy and quiet area where they can sleep.Berkshire nursery school child toilet training

You may wish for your child to only have a short nap, please just let us know if this is the case.

It is a great time to introduce a toilet routine when your child begins to show signs that they need to go to the toilet. For example sitting them on the potty or toilet before mealtimes, at nappy changing, bath and bed time. Gradually the frequency will increase and at Jubilee Gems, we will support and encourage this. ‘Easy-up’ trousers/shorts and lots of spare pants/knickers will be needed!

If your child is not quite ready for toilet training, we have a dedicated nappy changing area. Nappies, wipes and cream (if required) should be supplied from home.

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